Thoughts from Kathryn Stockett: From Book to Movie

Inspiration, Writing

While tearing through my closet on a great spring cleaning purge, I came across a legal pad. Unsurprisingly, it was from the college days. I flipped through just in case there was anything I might want to type into a more legible format and save. Between class notes with no headings or dates to clarify […]

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Bill Blume at AWCon 18: Characters Who Come Alive

Conferences and Conventions, Inspiration, Writing

Of the many reasons that contributed to the last-minute decision to attend the 2018 Agile Writers Conference in Richmond, VA, getting the chance to meet Bill Blume was the most exciting. For the longest time, I didn’t realize there was any kind of writing community in Virginia. It wasn’t until I graduated college and moved […]

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AWCon 18: Scott T. Allison on the Villain’s Journey

Conferences and Conventions, Inspiration, Writing

One of my favorite seminars at the 2018 Agile Writers Conference given by Dr. Scott T. Allison, a professor of psychology at the University of Richmond who has published extensively on heroism and leadership. I wondered if his talk, “The Villain’s Journey: How to Craft a Worthy Adversary to Your Hero,” would confirm some of […]

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2018: The Year of Focus

Inspiration, Writing

In the awesome I Am A Writer Facebook group, Sarah Werner of the Write Now podcast asked, “Do any of you choose a ‘One Word’ of the year?” She chose the word focus, and I am unabashedly stealing it for my word of the year, too. The Thieves of Traska has been a work in […]

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Introducing a New Switzy Blog!

News and announcements

June has, so far, been full of playing catch-up after a really big change: I moved. It’s a fantastic move that makes me happy and happens to also save me money. While the packing and the still ongoing unpacking have kept me too busy to write or even read much of anything outside of work, […]

June 11, 2018

Interview: S.L. Baron, Author of “Vanilla Blood: A Novella”


Earlier this year, indie author S.L. Baron brought us a new vampire romance to delight in. For those tired of the “forbidden” relationships between mortals and immortals, Vanilla Blood: A Novella is a refreshing dive straight into the indulgence of desire and power between vampires. With more on her bloody blend of horror and romance, Baron agreed […]

April 26, 2018

Prepping to Attend a Convention

Conferences and Conventions

By this point, I’ve gone to a few different conferences and conventions along the east coast. I’ve been to a tiny anime convention in Virginia Beach and I’ve been to New York Comic Con (in costume both times). I have attended a single-day journalism conference in Virginia, a brief journalism seminar/conference in Athens, GA, and […]

April 19, 2018