The Thieves of Traska

Seventeen year-old Claire Fielding is the fastest runner in her village, though she’s never had the courage to run away from her oppressive older brother. After she’s arrested for stealing, Claire works with a fellow prisoner, Garrison Grey, to break free and search for a fresh start in a new city. For a moment, life in the city starts out as promising as can be for an amateur thief on the run—until Claire strikes a deal to get out of their new trouble with the law and embroils them in the rising tensions between the city’s biggest criminal organizations. Their only chance for survival is to put their stealth and light fingers to work for one of these organizations. But success as a criminal comes with a price: the ever-tightening rope held by the law. By favor or force, they have to play the great game just to survive.

The first book in a young adult fantasy/adventure trilogy, a draft of The Thieves of Traska is under review with beta readers. It is currently seeking representation for publication. See all blog posts.