Grad student report: Week 1.5 of 10

Writer's Life / Wednesday, September 21st, 2016

Hello, friends. I have officially spent a week and a half as a grad student. Prior to class starting, I was asked by a few people to let them know how it is balancing a full-time job with grad school, plus blogging and working on The Thieves of Traska.

I’m happy to report that Thieves is chugging along (just passed 300 pages and the word count is inching closer to 90,000). I also have an A in my only class, and I’m still able to do all the work things at my usual level of efficiency. There are 8.5 weeks left until the end of my first quarter as a grad student.


Before any exhaustion and midterm madness kick in, I would like to say I’m glad to be in school again. I miss being a student. I miss discussions based in discovery. Homework is actually kind of a soothing evening activity now. Within the next weeks, I’ll likely question my sanity and curse the day I decided to be a grad student.

As the quarter goes on, I hope there are lessons and fun anecdotes I can share. For now, I encourage you to laugh at the huge nerd I am. I am unreasonably excited to discuss résumés in class. Of all the things in a Professional Writing for Business Applications course that could excite me, it’s the résumé.

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