I answer Glassdoor’s Top 10 Oddball Interview Questions

Professional, Writing / Friday, May 8th, 2015

Tis the season for job interviews (particularly for my fellow members of the class of 2015)! And if you go to Glassdoor.com, you can find lists of the top 10 unusual job interview questions shared by job candidates for the last few years. Since I’m waiting to hear about getting an interview, I took a stab at answering them.

  1. What would you do if you were the one survivor in a plane crash? (Airbnb)
    1. That really depends on where I’ve crashed; options are far more limiting if you crash at sea than if you crash on land. First priority would be making sure I really am the only survivor and no one is injured, and then I’d check if the communication systems in the cockpit still work. From there, it’s really about getting home.
  2. What’s your favorite 90s jam? (Squarespace)
    1. “Are You Jimmy Ray?” by Jimmy Ray.
  3. If you woke up and had 2,000 unread emails and could only answer 300 of them how would you choose which ones to answer?” (Dropbox)
    1. Since the question only limits how many I can answer and not read, I’d skim through to find the emails that actually require a response and start replying first to anything flagged as high priority.
  4. Who would win in a fight between Spider-Man and Batman? (Stanford University)
    1. Marvel and DC film studios.
  5. If you had a machine that produced $100 dollars for life what would you be willing to pay for it today?” (Aksia)
    1. If I already have it, why would I pay for it? I’m also confused about this machine; does it print $100 bills every day for the rest of my life, or only provide me with $100?
  6. What did you have for breakfast? (Banana Republic)
    1. Granola bar and yogurt.
  7. Describe the color yellow to somebody who’s blind. (Redbox)
    1. If yellow were a feeling, it would be warm sunshine on your face and grass poking up between your toes.
  8. If you were asked to unload a 747 full of jelly beans, what would you do?” (Bose)
    1. Assuming we’re talking about a plane here, I’d probably get the crew to assist me. If that’s not an option, I can always open the door. (Are these jelly beans loose or packed?)
  9. How many people flew out of Chicago last year? (Redbox)
    1. People don’t fly; planes do. A trick question as old as “If a plane crashes on the border of Canada and the U.S., where do you bury the survivors?”
  10. What’s your favorite Disney Princess? (Cold Stone Creamery)
    1. I’m going to ignore Disney Studio’s ownership of Marvel and Star Wars and go with Ariel.

Have your own collection of unusual interview questions? I’d love to see them in the comment section below!

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