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Recommended Reads, Reviews / Monday, February 27th, 2012

This is the only series I’ve seen where a fantasy world is created, and then is revisited 300 years later as technology evolves. But it’s not just railroads and electricity advancing in the Mistborn world–Allomancy has changed, as well.

Those familiar with the series know about Mistings (those born with the ability to use one Allomantic power) and Mistborn (those born with the ability to use all Allomantic powers). The Alloy of Law introduces two new kinds of people: Ferrings (those born with the ability to use one Feruchemic power) and Twinborn (those born with one Feruchemic power and one Allomantic power). The world of Mistborn has taken on an old-west and steampunk feel, making the story even more irresistable.

Those unfamiliar with the series will want to pick up the first book and get started.

Waxillium Ladrian uses his Twinborn powers as a lawman in the Roughs. After twenty years of that life, he is forced to return to the city of Elendel and assume his responsibility as the lord of his noble house. He puts away his guns for good and reluctantly settles in the life of a nobleman until havoc strikes the city on a major scale. Wax balances the line between rough and refined, immediately becoming another of my favorite characters.

Helping Wax with his investigations are Wayne, an old friend from the Roughs, and Lady Marasi, a young woman studying law. Wayne is another wonderful character, making me laugh with the usual sharp dialogue one can expect from Sanderson. Marasi is a joy to follow, as well. I greatly look forward to these characters returning in the next novel. (With an ending like this one, there has to be another one!)

Brandon Sanderson delivers another inspiring work of genius with this book. I will never be able to get over his characters, the intwined stories, and the insane surprises that will keep me reading for hours and hours. I eagerly await any information on the next book.

One of McSweeney's illustrations from The Alloy of Law

I would also like to extend my approval to Mr. Ben McSweeney, one of two illustraters who contributed to this book. Without following Mr. McSweeney on deviantART, I probably would not have known about this book until after it was released. Many thanks to you!

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