Introducing Bianca and Rascal!

Personal story

Those of you who follow me on various social media platforms have probably already seen that we adopted a couple of new pets! This brings the total number of animals in the house up to three, and it’s been an adventure so far. Look who's ready to come home! A photo posted by Amanda Surowitz […]

November 24, 2014

Well #?^% XXVI: Goodbye, my minion


As this is the last week of the quarter, it is time to bid farewell to my wonderful evil minion. Megan graduates this week, and I’m sad that she is no longer going to be an assistant editor at District. Also, I have two more quarters to go and she will not be in any […]

November 17, 2014

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Personal story

I was nominated for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge last night, and I accepted that challenge this morning. Now, my understanding of how this works is you can either donate $100 and skip the dunking, or you can soak yourself and donate just $10. I can’t afford a $100 donation at the moment, but I […]

August 19, 2014