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How to Keep Readers Engaging with Your Blog

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It’s not enough to post blog articles and expect audience engagement anymore. There may be a flurry of interest in a new post that soon dies off, leaving you with unappreciated content that still has value. To get people engaging with your blog, brand, or website, and to improve the chances of them subscribing to your email newsletter, consider the five ideas below. 

Give readers lots of ways to connect 

Calls to action are very important if you want to run your blog successfully. That means increasing your subscriber list and hopefully improving interactions with your blog or business. This grows the community you started and opens up possibilities for your blog.

Giving readers many ways to subscribe has its pros and cons. Not everyone is on every platform; offering a broad range of options increases your potential reach. But what does everyone need for any kind of social media account? An email address. That’s why building an email list and offering a newsletter is a recommendation you see everywhere.

Provide calls to action with content 

As mentioned, calls to action are very important in improving your blog or business engagement. At some point, while engaging with your content, readers want to know where to go and what to do next — check Palmetto Publishing for independent writers, for example. Think of your blog narrative as a highway with different signposts. Every so often, you want to flash a sign up to let them know where they are and what’s coming next.

Make a good first impression

First impressions are just as important online as they are in real life. Visitors to your website will take a look around. They will look at the tags, the categories, the about page, and they will quickly decide if your content is for them.

Even a subject that’s interesting for a reader might be unsuccessful if you don’t seem organized, personable, or knowledgeable. Make sure you have a nice profile picture and description. Choose your theme to reflect the subject, and organize your pages so they are easy to navigate. 

Foster engaging opportunities 

You won’t increase engagement with your blog, brand, or business through blog posts alone. You improve interaction with your blog by offering incentives (such as content of value they don’t have to pay for) and creating communities. Introduce activities into your blog and create social media communities to interact with your audience. This way, you build value into your blog or business and make it more relevant to search engines. 

Link your posts and provide social proof

An excellent way to keep people on your page and reading your content is to interlink your blog posts. If you write about a subject relevant to a previous post, then link to that post! This adds to the relevance of your content and makes it more likely the reader will sign up.

Another top tip is to add social proof to your blog. What have others said about it? Does it have any star reviews or ratings? Anything that someone has said about your blog that’s positive can count as social proof.

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