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Six Ways to Make Your Website Visible Online

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One of the hardest things to do is get a good placement in the search engine results pages. From Google and Bing to Yahoo and more, being prominently visible in search engines is key to getting your business in front of customers and making your brand more credible. 

Online visibility is essential to being a modern business. We’ve put together six tips to get those search engine results pages to sit up and take notice of you!

Get Google Search Console Registered

This is a free service for your website, and all you have to do is submit your sitemap to Google for indexing. The sitemap tells search engines you exist. You can also use Search Console to check who is linking to your website and ensure there are no crawl errors with your site. It can even tell Google there are different versions of your site for other countries. To ensure you are using the right keywords, a technical SEO consultant can fix your site and get you where you should be.

Use Google MyBusiness

You want to appear geographically online — especially when people are searching for your business and location. This verifies to Google that your business is located in a specific area.

Even if you aren’t location-restricted, Google MyBusiness allows you to connect with potential customers directly through the search engine itself. You can also track engagement whenever people click on your profile to call, book an appointment, or take other actions.

Improve Your Upload Speed

As more people use smartphones and laptops to browse online content, being visible also means being accessible. You need to make your site load as fast as it can across all devices. To do this, minimize the number of HTTPS requests on your site and only use images that offer your site value so it doesn’t slow the site during loading. You can also get the right page speed insights to know whether things are too slow!

Be Visible with Targeted Keywords

You need a combination of long-tail and short-tail keywords to ensure your website will rank in search engine results pages. Speak to your SEO expert to know what your keywords would be that are best to use!

Create Backlinks To The Site

It’s not enough to have page titles, meta descriptions, and URLs. You need to add links to give your website some authority and show people you know what you’re talking about. You can do this with outreach services, blog tours, or asking people you know whether you can add their site as a backlink!

Follow Google’s Advice for Being Visible

Google knows what it’s talking about when it comes to being visible. so when it offers free advice — take it! You want to improve your ranking and there are plenty of free tools on Google that will tell you how to do it. 

Your website needs to be seen — use these tips to get you started and then move forward from there.

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