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5 Profitable Ways to Invest Your Blogging Income

For the average person, a blog doesn’t generate a lucrative income. It’s usually a side gig that pays for its own expenses. But if you have enough profit–and you don’t need a lot to start–you could invest some of your extra cash.

Every investment opportunity is different, but none should be taken lightly. If you’re thinking about investing, these are some ideas to help you begin your research.

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Invest in Real Estate

Homeownership is a huge investment. Usually, you can bet on the value of a house to go up after you purchase it. That’s not even factoring in any improvements or upgrades! While it can take longer before you reap the benefits of your investments, the payout of your eventual home sale can be massive.

Of course, buying a home is an expensive investment. If it’s something you really want but it seems out of reach, look into the programs available from The Federal Housing Association (FHA) and review the FHA FAQs. Owning a home might be more realistic than you think!

Invest in Dividend Stock Funds

Buying stocks is probably what most people think of when they think about investing. This slow and steady investment strategy is a relatively safe way to build up a nest egg, or set yourself up for a big payout after you retire. In addition to long-term profits, you can also sell your stocks for more immediate funds.

Purchase Fractional Shares of Stocks

When you start looking at companies to buy stock in, the biggest and most mature ones seem like the safest bet, right? But the cost of even a single share can be more than you’re willing to risk. Fortunately, you don’t have to buy the whole thing. You can try purchasing fractional shares instead. While this makes for a less risky approach to high-priced stocks, it also means your potential profits will be smaller. If you buy 10% of a share, you’ll get 10% of its dividends.


For those unafraid about riskier opportunities, cryptocurrency is a popular investment choice. Bitcoin has doubled in price and is expected to continue growing. Not every cryptocurrency sees the same success, however. Values can be volatile, so be sure to only invest as much money as you can safely afford to lose. 

Create Partnerships with Other Brands

As the person behind your blog, there are brands and products you enjoy and sometimes rely on. However, you can do more with these when you think like a business. It doesn’t hurt to reach out to the brands you like and inquire about partnership or ambassador opportunities. You may not think of yourself as an influencer, but it’s one way to get a return on your investment in others.


A lot of bloggers choose to reinvest their profits back into their blog to help it generate more income. But there are many other options to help you build your wealth over time.

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