Newly Published Articles: Summer 2022

As a writer, few things compare to the sheer joy of seeing your name alongside your work in print. Even though I’m now a transplant to the Midwest, I remain a proud contributor to South Magazine. The summer 2022 issue marks the most pieces I’ve contributed to a single issue to date (six pieces!).

There are partial versions of my articles available online with the full articles available in the print and digital editions.


New Hotspots

Brew Your Heart Out





Sheila Doney’s Buyers Edge

Family Recipes, Casual Dining

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw my stories a few weeks ago about drooling over menus and my eternal struggle to write about food without it sounding dirty. This is the final product of that hard work.

I’m already looking forward to what I might write about this fall!

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Published by Amanda Surowitz

Amanda Surowitz is a storyteller by trade. She writes food and travel articles, business profiles, and science fiction/fantasy. Using her years of experience as a journalist, public relations writer, and digital content specialist for websites and social media, she simplifies the basics of branding and marketing for creatives.

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