29 Painless Blog Post Ideas for Creative Entrepreneurs

Everyone hits dry spells when trying to come up with blog post ideas, whether you’re an experienced writer or not. There are tons of lists out there full of general blog topics almost anyone can write about. But what if your blog is there to support your business, not the focus of it? If you’re a creative entrepreneur with an e-commerce site, offer freelance work, coaching, or consulting services, these blog post ideas are for you!

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I did my best to tailor this list to suit a broad range of creatives, including content creators, graphic designers, filmmakers, fine artists, jewellers, costumers, my fellow writers — and so on. When I’ve gone searching for fun blog ideas, most don’t apply to me since I don’t cover many lifestyle, beauty, or fashion topics.

That said, I hope my fellow creatives fine these blogging ideas helpful!

29 Painless Blog Post Ideas for Creative Entrepreneurs

  1. Places you find inspiration
  2. Current favorite tools, programs, apps, etc. you use
  3. Things you do before starting a new project
  4. Ways you fight creative burnout
  5. List things you wish you knew when you started
  6. Describe your creative process
  7. What skills help you succeed at your craft? Any new skills you want to develop?
  8. How do you fight the fears and doubts associated with promoting your work?
  9. How did you get started with your craft and what drew you to it?
  10. What are your most/least favorite parts of what you do?
  11. Share how your early attempts at your craft went
  12. Write about a fear you regularly face with your craft and how you cope
  13. Gush about something that inspires you
  14. How do you schedule your work week?
  15. What other creators (past or present) inspire you?
  16. How do you “set the mood” when you create?
  17. Describe some of your favorite ways to spend a day off
  18. What was a mistake or challenge that ultimately made you better at your craft?
  19. What keeps you creative?
  20. List 15 things people might not know about you, your craft, or your business
  21. How has your creative career changed in the past year? How about you, the creator?
  22. Share any productivity tips that work for you
  23. Share some goals or plans for the coming year
  24. Review the goals you set last year and how you did
  25. Share a timeline of your creative or entrepreneurial achievements
  26. Can you think of a 5, 10, or 15-minute exercise to help someone else get better at your craft?
  27. Give a tour of your workspace and how you organize it
  28. What sort of hobbies and activities do you do outside of your craft?
  29. October 25 is International Artist’s Day. How might you celebrate or encourage others to create?
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Psst. These blog ideas also work for social media posts! So if you struggle coming up with what to post to Instagram, for example, so many of these ideas make for good content for your feed or Stories.

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