If you’d like to send me an unpublished copy of your manuscript to read and offer suggestions on, please email me. Unless otherwise requested, my feedback will be kept private (this includes all followup correspondence pertaining to your material).

Subject Matter

  • I will read just about any subject, whether it be fiction, nonfiction, poetry, young adult, and so on.


  • Since I am working to give you a thorough response, I ask that you not repeatedly ask me how much longer until I am done. I will estimate how long my review will take based on the word and page counts, but this is not a guarantee. If my review will take longer than my initial estimate, I will contact you and keep you updated on my status.

My Opinions

  • You are, of course, under no obligation to make any changes to your manuscript based on my suggestions.
  • If you would like to discuss any of my comments further, I encourage you to email me. It is within your right to disagree with anything I say, but please do not send me emails saying my opinion is wrong; that is a waste of both our time.
  • While I trust that every author does their research, I will do my own research into facts or events I am not wholly convinced of their validity. I will also inform you of any areas where this occurred and suggest changes that would make it more believable for me.

Public vs. Private

  • Unless otherwise agreed, any reviews I provide as a beta reader (including correspondence pertaining to your material) are private. Only myself and the author have access to this information.
  • See the Review Policy if you are interested in having a public review.
  • If you have received a private review from me prior to your book being published and would like a public review post-publication, please contact me with an up to date copy.

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