A Letter From Isolation

Writer's Life

Hi. How are you doing? How loud is isolation-insanity knocking on your tightly bolted doors? I’m alright. I mean, I did decide to cut my own hair and give myself bangs. It went well. Self-isolating is how I got through college since I didn’t have the money to afford a social life. Plus, since we […]

May 8, 2020

Draft First, Outline Later


My main struggle with following an outline is that if things don’t feel natural when I’m writing, I get an itchy feeling under my fingernails. I can’t force myself to write through something I know isn’t going to work.

May 1, 2020

Preparing to Work From Home

Workplace, Writer's Life

Things have been more than a little chaotic lately. For starters, I moved to Indiana last month. That was a nightmare and a half. One thing keeping me positive was the tentative approval of me continuing my work in Georgia as a contractor. I’ve spent the last year debating whether to work from home as […]

March 16, 2020

Mind your mental health at work

Writer's Life

More often than not, I see my friends and peers (especially my fellow SCAD writing grads) in the same boat: having to take on a job because, right now, it’s the only way to eat and pay the bills. Too often at the expense of mental health and well-being. The job hunt never really ends and a career as we might have imagined it rarely seems to exist.

February 3, 2020