While most of my reviews are based on my choice of reading material, authors who contact me for a review will be given priority. If you would like to request a review, please email me. Recommended Reads are typically posted between Thursday and Saturday.

Subject Matter

  • I review both fiction and nonfiction, as well as poetry.
  • I enjoy a wide range of genres and like to keep an open mind; if your work is outside my usual interests, I will still review it.
  • I read for various target audiences; picture books, young adult, adult, and so on. Please mention your target audience when contacting me.

Digital Copy Format

  • My reviews based on eBooks are primarily read on Adobe Digital Editions, but PDFs and Word Documents are also acceptable.
  • Unless contacted directly by the author, my ARCs are obtained with permission from the publisher via edelweiss.

Public vs. Private

  • You may request a public book review, which will be published here at ajswitz.com, as well as Goodreads and Smashwords (if applicable).
  • See the Beta Reading Policy if you are interested in a thorough, private review via email.
  • Unless otherwise agreed, all reviews belong to me.

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