Spies in Disguise: A Secretly Delightful Surprise

For all the family-friendly antics of Spies in Disguise, it has an amazingly mature theme I wish I saw more often. It promises something better than a cookie-cutter action animation: a hilarious spy-flavored misadventure with an underutilized take on the theme of good vs. evil.

AWCon 18: Scott T. Allison on the Villain’s Journey

One of my favorite seminars at the 2018 Agile Writers Conference given by Dr. Scott T. Allison, a professor of psychology at the University of Richmond who has published extensively on heroism and leadership. I wondered if his talk, “The Villain’s Journey: How to Craft a Worthy Adversary to Your Hero,” would confirm some ofContinue reading “AWCon 18: Scott T. Allison on the Villain’s Journey”