Switzy Thoughts began when Amanda Surowitz got tired of being talked over in a high school English class and wanted a place to share her opinions, gripes, writing, and art. Back then, it was more about griping than writing. But then a crazy thing happened. She posted a review for a book she loved… and the author commented on it. Making contact with an actual published author inspired Amanda to abandon her initial plan to be a graphic designer and pursue a writing career. Her blog then shifted to chronicle the journey from student to professional, and again to share some of the knowledge and experience she’s gained throughout the different stages of her career: a public relations writer, university blog manager, social media manager, and web content specialist.

These days, Amanda is more focused on writing. She regularly contributes articles to South Magazine and her misadventures have appeared as cautionary tales in The Combat Edge. When she’s not revising her manuscript about morally grey characters and their crime-riddled shenanigans, Amanda likes to spend her time visiting local breweries with her husband (and sometimes their dog), mediating disputes between their two cats, supporting independent creators and small businesses, leveling up her baking and cooking skills, and creating art.

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Pros and Cons of Unfold, the Bio Site Tool from Squarespace

Squarespace has Unfold. In addition to creating a bio site, you can also create different feed and story posts with their templates. There’s also a tool for planning and organizing your Instagram feed. Unfortunately, I couldn’t test this feature yet due to account connection errors. For now, I’m just going to focus on the bio site feature.

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