About Amanda Surowitz

Amanda Surowitz is a storyteller by trade. She writes food and travel articles, business profiles, and science fiction/fantasy. Combining her experience as a journalist, public relations writer, and digital content specialist for websites and social media, she provides personalized copywriting and content strategy services to her fellow creatives, helping them connect with their future fans.

She uses her blog at ajswitz.com to share her energy and experience to inspire and support others to pursue their creative crafts, entrepreneurial goals, and personal development.

Behind the Blog

When I started my blog as a high school student, I happened to write a review for a book I loved. The author of the book commented on my review and changed my whole career path. Connecting with an actual published author inspired me to abandon my initial plan to be a graphic designer and, instead, pursue my passion for writing. All along the way, people told me I’d never have a steady, serious career as a writer.

My blog chronicled what I learned on my journey to prove them wrong. I went from being an award-winning student journalist at an art university to a professional writer. My career took me through a variety of roles: public relations writer, university blog manager, social media manager, web content specialist, and freelancer. But in 2019, I felt stuck. I was bored and uninspired, grinding away as a cog in a machine with too many restrictions on my creativity.

In 2020, I decided to reconnect with my passions and values, starting a new self-improvement journey. I found my people again—photographers, crafters, artists, and writers—through virtual creative co-working sessions. They continue to inspire me to grow, go beyond my limiting beliefs, and find success as a creative entrepreneur on my own terms.

What You’ll Find on AJ Switz

I continue to blog to share my energy and experience in order to inspire and support others pursuing their creative dreams. You can expect to read about:

  • My authentic experiences as a writer and artist.
  • Topics to help creative entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses, including blogging, branding, content marketing, and general business advice.
  • Practices for (re)gaining inspiration, supporting your well-being, and productivity.

Where Else Can You Find me?

These days, I’m focused on my writing. When I’m not sitting under a cat or two, revising my manuscript about morally-grey characters and their crime-riddled shenanigans, I like to visit local breweries with my husband (and sometimes our dog).

South Magazine

I might live in the Midwest now, but I haven’t left the South completely. My articles typically feature business owners, as well as travel and dining experiences in the southeastern U.S.

Handbook Podcast – Meghan Griffin & Elle Riccardi

After attending Lani Sarem’s lecture “How I navigated the NYT Bestseller List” at AWCon18, I spoke more about what I learned firsthand from the infamous author of Handbook for Mortals.

The Shared Desk – Pip Ballentine & Tee Morris

It started with an email about my blogging struggles that sparked a bigger discussion. Are blogs still relevant and useful to writers these days? I chime in through the episode’s live chat on Twitch.