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Interview: S.L. Baron, Author of “Vanilla Blood: A Novella”

Note: I reached out to S.L. Baron for this interview to help promote her new novella. I received a copy of Vanilla Blood from the author. Read more about author interviews and promotions.

Earlier this year, indie author S.L. Baron brought us a new vampire romance to delight in. For those tired of the “forbidden” relationships between mortals and immortals, Vanilla Blood: A Novella is a refreshing dive straight into the indulgence of desire and power between vampires. With more on her bloody blend of horror and romance, Baron agreed to answer a few questions.

Switzy Thoughts: What is it about this story that made you have to write it? What did you love most while working on it?

S.L. Baron: I’ve been in love with vampires since I read Interview With The Vampire in my early teens, and I wanted to create my own. What I loved the most was being able to develop my own mythology. Many cultures have legends about the undead, and I was able to find one I hadn’t seen used before and mold it to my characters.

ST: Without spoiling anything, can you describe your favorite part and why you love it so much?

Baron: This is a hard one! I think my favorite part is when Bridget shows up at Livia’s house to help her through a hard time. I’ve always loved the dynamic between the two characters and their friendship.

ST: What was the biggest challenge you faced while writing and how did you handle it?

Baron: Self-doubt is always my biggest challenge! Being part of a writers’ website helped me out. It took me a long time to talk myself into sharing my work and asking for feedback on the site. But, once I did, I found a group of supportive people who helped me along in my writing journey.

ST: What was your writing process like while working on it?

Baron: The process was long for me! I wrote the first draft way back in 2004 and rewrote it every couple of years or so. In 2015, I thought I had it finished. But, when I let my boyfriend read it, he was brutally honest and told me the beginning was boring. I let it sit for another year. When I picked it up again, I had to admit he was right! The final product is probably the sixth draft, and I’m in a good place with how it turned out.

ST: A lot happens between the first and last drafts; were there any drastic changes?

Baron: The most drastic change was the point of view. I found the hand-written first draft last year and it was all in first person. I had forgotten I wrote it like that, but I’m glad I changed it! I feel like it works better.

ST: Do you have any advice for other writers:

Baron: This isn’t a very unique bit of advice, but read a lot! Don’t just stick to the genre you want to write, either. Read a little bit of everything so you can discover unique voices, styles, and ways of doing things.

About Vanilla Blood: A Novella

One night changes everything…

Tragedy leaves Livia Hart a broken shell of herself. Craving escape from her grief and guilt, she heads to Europe, taking the trip she’s dreamed about for years.

While in London, her prayers are answered when she meets Lucian Llewellyn. Lucian offers her more than just one night of bliss to forget her loss: the gift of immortality, to be reborn as a vampire.

Livia enters a world where vampires refuse to mourn their existence. They instead embrace their roles as powerful predators, hiding in plain sight and preying on those who won’t be missed.

But secrets from Lucian’s past threaten Livia’s newfound happiness. Can she survive in her new life knowing the truth? Or will the revelations condemn her to an eternity of regret?

About the Author

S.L. Baron, author of Vanilla Blood: A Novella. Photo courtesy of the author.

S.L. Baron isn’t a full-time writer but keeps wishing she could quit her day job. She’s been scribbling down stories since she was a small child, and she’s glad the evidence of those stories no longer exists. After reading Anne Rice’s Interview With The Vampire, she found her Muse. She’s been obsessed with vampires and other types of immortals ever since. When she’s not writing about her own Children of the Night, she reads all she can get her hands on about these and other supernatural creatures.

S.L. grew up near the shore in the New Jersey Pinelands but lives in West Virginia. She graduated from West Virginia University with a Bachelor of Arts in psychology. Keeping her company is her partner in crime, Tim, and her ancient cat, Hercules.

You can follow her on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Goodreads.

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