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Taking the Day Off

Unless I have a deadline coming up, I don’t usually work weekends. Nothing for clients, no social media scheduling, not even working on my manuscript. My days off are reserved for the normal stuff people do. But sometimes we do something a little special and take a day off to go on a special adventure.

It’s all part of how we recharge and get ready for a new week of working and being productive!

Taking Care of All the Plants

I like plants and gardening. So much that it’s easy for me to get carried away and wind up with more than I expected to. Most days off include a side trip to get a new container or a few more bags of soil. My deck is lined with herbs and vegetables: peas, radishes, onions, basil, dill, tomatoes, eggplants, squash, ghost peppers, Carolina reaper peppers, rosemary, thyme, mint… If my beets and carrots ever sprout, I’ll have those to take care of, too.

Going to the Dog Park

So long as it’s not too muddy and our old boy feels up to it, we go to the dog park in the morning before it gets too hot. He likes to talk to the other dogs and chase them, even though he can’t keep up for long. But if the park is too muddy or we slept in too long to beat the heat, we wait until it cools down in the evening to take him on a long walk.

Biking to Breweries

It’s a new thing for us, being bike people. But we also didn’t live so close to so many things before. For very special days off, we’ll bike up to Sun King Brewery for beer or cocktails on the patio over a game of Battleship. We like to keep up with what they’re serving at Fisher’s Test Kitchen, but we usually go for One Trick Pony’s Weedeater burger.

Get Fancy in the Kitchen

Any day I’m not working, it’s a good bet I’m working on something in the kitchen. Sometimes it’s based on whatever we picked up at one of the local farmers’ markets that weekend. (This summer, I’m having a lot of fun working out uses for scorpion pepper-infused honey!) Or maybe I’ve got a craving for something, like strawberry cake. Sometimes I just want the house to smell like bread, so I bake a lot of bread.

All the Other Fun Things

Drawing, painting, reading, playing video games, watching a movie or show… Whatever I’m in the mood for to enjoy on a day when I’m not working. We make a game out of how fast I can guess the Disney movie from the opening audio alone (it’s one of my superpowers). It’s also when I finally catch up on the shows everyone else already watched ages ago. We’re making our way through Lost now; somehow I missed all of that phenomenon.

What do you like to do on your day off?

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