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4 Lessons on Defining Your Business’s Audience

Are you struggling to identify the right audience for your new business? It’s important to understand the market is competitive and consumers will always have other people they can buy from. So, let’s explore how to hit the right marks here with your early marketing strategy.

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Research Your Buyer Persona

First comes research. Investigate your competitors to see what sort of customers they serve. Check their reviews to see if there are any pain points you address–or could address, with some tweaks–that your competitors don’t. All this should take place before you even open the doors (real or virtual) for your business. Once you’ve done a healthy amount of research, you can synthesize all that information together to create a buyer persona. This persona will inform your marketing strategies so you can reach more of the people who would benefit most from your products or services.

Engage Your Audience

Once your message and marketing are out in the world and reaching people, stay engaged with the audience you’re building. Practice social listening to stay on top of how people feel about your business. Are problems surfacing that you can address? Or maybe there’s a convenience factor someone mentions that you can expand upon. By engaging people, you build and maintain relationships with people more interested in investing in the products or services you have available. 

In terms of how you engage an audience, there are several strategies you can explore. Many of these work best on social media platforms, where many businesses create discussion groups. You could also use a live feed. Live feeds are more immersive and can have an incredible impact. If you’re wondering how to go live on TikTok or a similar network, there are lots of guides you can follow online. 

Push Your Creative Limits 

Next, you should think about exploring creative options to get your message across and ensure that you hit the right mark. Creativity will often mean using different types of content instead of the basic marketing messages. You might also want to think about exploring guerilla marketing tactics. In doing so, marketing can turn into a fun practice while increasing engagement with your brand. It’s a tactic that is used by small companies and larger brands alike. 

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Stories

Finally, you might want to focus on telling stories to find your audience. Stories are one of the most engaging tools in your arsenal. By telling stories, you can address the pain points that your audience is experiencing while also showing them who you are and what you can deliver. Stories can take various different forms from written word to video content. It’s just about finding the right angle or option for your brand based on the message or image that you want to create. There’s a good story behind every successful marketing strategy that is tied to the brand. 

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