Plan Your Business Upgrade to the Next Level

It’s an exciting time for your business when you feel ready to take things up a notch. Do you have the resources to make a bunch of big upgrades all at once? Or are you focusing on one area at a time? If this is the first time you’ve had to think about it, do you even know where to start?

There are three main areas you can focus on. This post will go into some basic ideas for taking your business to the next level in each.

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Customer-Facing Elements

The first thing to mention is customer service. You already create a positive experience when interacting with your clients or customers. How can you make it better?

  • Add a new contact method
  • Make your content/services accessible in another language
  • Create helpful welcome packets for new clients
  • Add or expand your FAQ page
  • Add more flexible payment options
  • Expand your customer support options (ie, return/refund/replacement policies, troubleshooting, etc.)

If your business has a physical location for clients and customers to visit you, upgrading your physical space could be another option. It could be as simple as a fresh coat of paint to improve the atmosphere or as intense as a full remodel. When looking for a company to hire for a remodel, make sure they are experienced in your industry. For example, you’d want a business experienced with medical fitouts to upgrade a medical office, not a small clothing boutique.

Internal Business Elements

What internal improvements could your business benefit from? Both solo entrepreneurs and businesses with multiple staff members can benefit from adding more tools and resources.

  • Using project management software or upgrading to a pro plan
  • Professional development workshops or training seminars
  • Streamline workflows
  • Outsource tasks to a virtual assistant or contractor
  • Hire a new staff member
  • Upgrade work equipment (computers, desk chairs, file storage, software, etc.)

Making improvements on the internal side of your business will ultimately improve your customer’s experience, as well. The more productive and efficient your business is, the better service your client will receive.

Your Product Or Service

Of course, the third area to level up with your business is your product or service. Your offering is massively important and you have got to make sure that you are providing top quality in everything that you sell.

  • Improve the quality of materials in a product
  • Expand customizable options for a product (ie, colors, sizes, materials, etc.)
  • Create a new product
  • Enhance a service by adding a new facet (ex: incorporating new techniques or methodology in a coaching practice)
  • Add an element to an existing service package
  • Create and offer a digital course as a new service

Final Thoughts on Your Business Upgrade

Getting your business to a place where you can start thinking about upgrading it is a huge accomplishment. Hopefully, this list helped you come up with some ideas of what your business can do.

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