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Five compelling reasons an SEO plan is important

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If you want a thriving website, your search engine optimization must be on point. It paves the way for all the customers you want to reach to find your business. With good management and a solid SEO plan, you can bring as much organic traffic to your site as possible. 

When you search any keyword in Google, SEO determines which results come up first. If you want your site on the first page of search results, you need a decent SEO plan. If the idea of managing your strategy yourself is overwhelming, you can outsource the work and get help from groups like SunCity Advising. But if you’re still on the fence about how much of your time this deserves, here are five compelling reasons SEO is important for your business.

Good SEO=More Traffic

The most basic function of SEO is to get your content included in the search results for relevant keywords. Relevance is key here. Incorporating high-value keywords that have nothing to do with your brand or content can get you flagged as spam. As a result, your website will be penalized with a lower search ranking.

People are more likely to click on first-page results for simple reasons. “Top” results are usually more trustworthy because they’re popular. They don’t want to have to dig through 10 pages. This is why putting a strong SEO plan to work for you is essential to getting more traffic. And more traffic means more business for you!

Earn more money

Whether you run a mid-to-large-scale business or just a side hustle, earning more money is probably one of your goals. By investing in your SEO strategy, whether by learning to do it yourself or hiring an expert, you can earn great money from it.

More traffic means more potential buyers of your products or services. With more satisfied customers, you can get more positive reviews and word-of-mouth advertising. All of that cycles back into bringing more potential customers to your business.

Reduce bounce rate

When checking out your site’s analytics, have you looked into your bounce rate? How many visitors are leaving shortly after visiting your site without making a purchase or taking any other action?

You want to stop people from leaving things in the basket online and leaving your website. You want first-time visitors to turn into loyal customers. With good use of SEO on each page, you can guide visitors to click through to view more site content relevant to their initial search. This is key to not letting your increase in site traffic lead to an increase in the bounce rate.

Streamline website navigation

When SEO works internally—that is, when you have keywords on one page linking to another page on your site relevant to that keyword—you make it easy for your visitors to find more information.

Just scroll back up to the section on earning more money. The “earn great money” link sends you to one of my other posts on how to get more customers to visit your site. That’s an example of using an SEO keyphrase (“earn great money”) to encourage you to click through my site and view more of my content before you leave.

With the right SEO strategy and the right keywords, you can build your brand into an authority in your niche. You don’t need shady tricks to convince people to buy from you – just a good SEO strategy!

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