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5 Tangible Ways IT Outsourcing Can Benefit Your Company

When you run a small business, you have to bear the responsibility of multiple roles at once. One of the more challenging roles (depending on your background) is managing your technology system. There are many advantages, especially for smaller businesses, for IT outsourcing. Though it does require you to consider a lot of variables.

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Lower Cost and Increase Savings

Outsourcing lowers costs in an easily predictable way. For instance, if you use a hosted server, you can set the monthly cost of maintaining it. You have control over how much you spend.

Outsourcing can yield considerable savings. According to studies, outsourcing email management alone would save money for more than 80% of small enterprises with fewer than 100 employees. IT companies can provide access to equipment and services at a significantly cheaper cost than if you purchased them on your own.


Expert knowledge and experience that you or your employees don’t have are two of the biggest reasons for outsourcing projects. What’s really great is there’s no need to spend money educating your IT staff. The outsourcing organization provides training. Their staff is well aware of any new changes or techniques in the industry, allowing them to use the best practices for your company.

Increased Security

Your IT security and the network continue to work even when you’re off the clock. A server or system can go down when you don’t have your staff on duty. How much business would you want to risk losing while waiting until business hours to fix the problem?

With outsourced IT services, you can have round-the-clock monitoring. Should something go wrong, the experts will immediately be alerted and have your site up and running before you even arrive at work in the morning.


Your business software and programs all need to be secure and kept up to date. You can demonstrate your firm has processes in place and can satisfy any compliance criteria imposed by your industry by working with an outsourced IT staff well-versed in these processes.

Disaster Recovery Support

If there was a fire, flood, or power cut, would you know what to do? Can you guarantee everything will come back online? Having a strategy is one thing, but the knowledge to help you get up and running in no time is quite different.

Suppose you outsource your IT companies to provide you with disaster recovery and disaster preparedness planning and implementation. In that case, you can rest assured knowing your data is secure, easy to access and that disaster recovery and preparedness plans and equipment are ready and in place to help you get back up and running quickly in the event of an unforeseen disaster.

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