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How You Can Give Back As a Writer

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There are many ways to give back and put some good into the world. From volunteering to giving money to charity, you don’t have to look hard to find a cause you can believe in.

In addition to traditional donations to charity, as a writer, you can also use your skills to help out in a number of ways.

Offer preferential rates for good causes

Charities, nonprofits, and other good causes all need to have a presence: a website, social media, or other marketing materials. However, their resources are limited.

By offering your services at a discounted rate, nonprofits can benefit from a professional working on their materials. You might choose to offer a discounted rate for all charities and non-profits, or those in a particular area.

For example, if you’re local to Austin, Texas, and issues relating to substance abuse are close to your heart, you might reach out to somewhere like https://www.sunshinebehavioralhealth.com/texas/austin/.

Use your network

Sometimes it’s all about who you know. Many charities and good causes have to fight to get their messages heard. Using your own network to promote fundraising, community events, and awareness campaigns can do wonders.

Not only will you amplify an important message. You can help it reach others who can do more to promote the charity, or even someone who would benefit from it. The most common ways to do this are to use your social media channels, LinkedIn network, or even e-mail your client base to try and raise the profile of your chosen cause.

Pro bono work

Why not offer to do a little pro bono work for your chosen charity? Any help you can offer will be well received and give their comms a professional edge, whether it’s writing copy for a website or brochure, or drafting a press release to get their story coverage.


There a lots of people out there who would love to do what you do. Give people the benefit of your experience by offering your time to mentor someone. You can do this on an informal basis, by posting on your LinkedIn or social media channels that you’re looking to offer your time as a professional mentor. Or you can sign up to a more official scheme that matches you up with someone. You can even see if your employer offers a mentorship program!

Mentoring can be very rewarding for both parties and gives you the opportunity to guide someone through the uncertainties in their career path.

Final thoughts

However you choose to give back, you’re doing a great thing. As a writer or content creator, you can also use your skills to help out in other ways too. You can still make a huge difference.

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