Using Social Media to Boost Your Blog Performance

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Social media plays a strong part of blog performance if used the right way. You might share your blog posts on your personal social media accounts, but you can do a lot more. Setting up social pages for your blog allows you to not just share your posts but create a real community around your blog. It’s a good way to find new visitors and subscribers for your blog, as well as to engage with your existing fans. It can also be a good way to find opportunities for your blog if you want to make money from it.

Set Up Accounts for Your Blog

The first thing you can do is set up accounts for your blog. You might continue to use personal accounts if your blog is part of your personal brand. They might be under your own name if you also want to grow your personal brand, but using the name of your blog is a smart idea.

But if your blog is going to be its own thing, it’s smart to have dedicated social accounts just for your blog. Some social media platforms have special options if you want to set up a page for a blog or business. It will give you extra functionality and ways to track the performance of your account that you might not get with a personal account. These extra analytics show exactly how social media affects your blog performance, and where you can improve.

Share New Posts and More

After setting up your social accounts, you can start posting. Of course, posting your own blog posts is a good idea. You can share them in different ways, using images or quotes to highlight them.

Sharing both new and old posts will help to vary the content you share too. But it’s also important to share other things so that your activity isn’t completely focused on sharing your own content. Your audience is interested in other things too, so make sure it’s not all self-promotion.

Engage with People on Social Media

Don’t forget about the social part of social media! It’s not all about promoting your blog and ignoring everyone else. You need to connect and engage with others if you really want social media to work for you.

You should learn how to repost on Instagram and how to share other people’s posts on other platforms so you can boost their efforts. You should comment on people’s posts and perhaps even contact them more directly to engage with them.

Make It Easy to Share Your Content

If you want other people to share your content, make sure it’s easy for them to do. One of the things you can do is add social media buttons to your blog posts. If someone wants to share one of your posts, all they need to do is click the right button. Link to your social pages on your blog, too, so people can follow you.

Social media can give your blog’s performance a significant boost. But you have to use it effectively if you want it to benefit you.

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Amanda Surowitz is a storyteller by trade. She writes food and travel articles, business profiles, and science fiction/fantasy. Using her years of experience as a journalist, public relations writer, and digital content specialist for websites and social media, she simplifies the basics of branding and marketing for creatives.

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